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Hutton's Edge Training is very friendly to women of a wide variety of physical capabilities and comforts. Our system is based on leverage and mechanics. This means that we don’t need speed and strength for effective self defense. We teach everything slow so as to get the motions down right. We don’t slow down for women, slow is just the right way to learn this system. There is no need to walk out of class bruised or in pain. This system is easy for natural fighters and non-natural fighters alike, to learn and utilize.

Women are targeted for random violence more then men, because most predators are cowards and think women are easy targets. Don’t be a victim. You can have the tools you need to survive a deadly close quarter encounter.

Another issue I would like to discuss with women is rape. This is not just a women’s issue, but an issue for all people. The reality that one in four women are raped sickens me. Such behavior is completely unacceptable. Fortunately, Arizona see’s protecting one’s self from rape as reasonable cause to use lethal force. Click here for more on that. I personally agree with the state of Arizona, and would like to give women the power to defend themselves against rape and all violent attacks. This knife and training belongs in any person’s self defense cache. This system works especially well for women as it greatly lessons the normal disparity of strength between men and women. I would like to offer women the same discount that I offer Law Enforcement and Military personnel (which is 10% off training). If you are a woman and a warrior, I'll douple the discount for you. My shopping cart isn’t fancy enough for a 10% off feature, so you would have to call or be in person for me to give you the discount.

I talked to a woman who when asked about self defense responded “where do you think I hang out?” If you go to the grocery store, the gas station, the mall, the bank, or any place where people go, then you need protection. Obviously some places have more violence than other places. We should avoid places that are more dangerous. Still, violence happens to people who are minding there own business in “safe” places all the time.

This training is right for you because it is the best way to defend yourself if your attacker is already on you actively attacking you. This system works every time, even if you are grabbed from behind.

If you aren't sure about lethal defense, click here.


The Hutton's Edge System is
the safest system for you to learn
Five Points:

1- When an attacker is in contact range, it is easy for him to take away a gun or a knife. But not with our system. The Hutton's Edge System offers a shocking amount of weapon retention. It would be extremely difficult for a very strong and talented attacker to take away a Hutton's Edge knife from a very basically trained user. That makes this as safe as it comes for self defense.

2- In times when people are physically fighting each other while simultaneously trying to use a gun or a knife to defend themselves, people often end up cutting or shooting themselves. With our system, it is very unlikely that someone will cut themselves, even in the middle of fighting for their very life. That makes this as safe as it comes for self defense.

3- When using a gun to defend yourself, most bullets don’t make it to the bad guy. Law enforcement has about a 20% hit ratio. That means bullets have a chance of accidentally hitting an innocent. If an attacker can take away a knife, he can use it on you or others. With our system, no bullets can hit an innocent, and it is insanely difficult to take the knife away. That makes this as safe as it comes for self defense.

4- When adrenaline is pumping through your body, all the blood rushes to your core and major muscles, leaving your extremities numb and uncoordinated. That leaves fine motor skills, like tying your shoes, almost impossible. Our system is based on gross motor skills that are much more intrinsic than those necessary to use a firearm, or other ways of using a knife. That makes this as safe as it comes for self defense.

5- When an attacker's adrenaline is pumping, he can be shot and stabbed, and barely know it. A body is capable of performing for several minutes after being fatally wounded. With our system, your attacker will be instantly stopped. That makes this as safe as it comes for self defense.

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