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This page has several short writings on the rational for needing a Hutton’s Edge knife. Find one that interest you, or read them all.


A Hutton’s Edge knife and training is the right thing to have because many predatory thugs operate better when there is absolutely zero distance between them and you. Knowing this, they often unexpectedly rush to close the distance. Once they are on top of you (be it horizontally or vertically), they are more equipped to take you out and prevent or minimize the use of any weapon you may have. It is this circumstance for which Hutton’s Edge was created. It is difficult to train for this type of attack. Yes, grappling martial arts help tremendously in this situation… if the attack is one on one. Hutton’s Edge thrives in extremely close quarters. Even if you are being attacked by multiples. The Hutton’s Edge system enables you to completely dispatch your attacker rather quickly, so as to minimize damage to yourself and/or move on seamlessly to the next attacker.


"Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."
-Steve Jobs

It took a brilliant martial artist most of his life working on this system to make it simple. Simple enough for the average person to come away with a true skill in a very short amount of time. Simple is what you want when the chips are down. This system is simple, yet highly effective.

"I'd rather shoot them"

Many people when confronted with the need to learn how to stop an attacker with an edged weapon respond "I'd rather shoot them." Well so would I. So would any sane person. Stopping an attacker at a distance is always preferred. But, most attackers find a way to close the distance before we realize the threat. The reality is that if said attacker is too close we are no longer shooting them, but fighting them hand to hand. It is smart to learn how to fight hand to hand with a sidearm, no question about it. Having both a sidearm and a Hutton's Edge knife is better still. Just know that nother works better at stopping an attacker than a Hutton's Edge knife at zero range. The Hutton’s Edge knife and system can enable you to have a decisive advantage over an attacker who closes the distance on you. If an attacker is inside your space, you can’t just use your sidearm, you have to minimally fight them to create enough space to use your sidearm. This requires that you be (at least in some respect) a better fighter than your attacker. If attacked by multiple people that just compounds the problem. The Hutton’s Edge system is designed to thrive when someone is attacking you from inside the defensive perimeter in which you can effectively use a sidearm. Because most attacks occur in ranges less than five feet, I choose to be armed with the Hutton’s Edge knife when I am around people. Hutton’s Edge can turn your weakest space (when an attacker is breathing on you) into your strongest space.

The 21ft rule

Every cop in the country has been told for over twenty years that if a person decides to charge an officer and is within 21ft, most officers do not have time to stop said person with a sidearm. Couple that with the reality that (despite what you see in movies) people often do not stop attacking after they have been shot or stabbed. In real life scenarios, people often don't even know they have been shot or stabbed until after the fight. Every hunter knows that you can shoot a deer through the heart and leave a fist sized exit wound, and that deer can still run a hundred yards. The same experience of a body continuing to operate after a fatal wound applies to people. Personally, I don't want an attacker "running a hundred yards" on me. There are only a few things that will completely and instantly stop an attacker every time. With the Hutton's Edge system, it is easy to completely and instantly stop the attacker every time.


Multiple Assailants

The Hutton’s Edge system gives people who are the victims of attack by multiple assailants in contact range more of an edge than any other system or tool. With Hutton’s Edge, the user can stop attackers very quickly, in a manner that enables the user to move to the next attacker almost instantly.

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If you want to be safe when you are around people, then Hutton's Edge is right for you. A gun can do a lot, if you can access it. Ask yourself if you would really have the time to pull out your gun if someone you were interacting with suddenly decided to attack you. Many situations do not allow the utilization of a sidearm. This is because a large number of attacks occur with less than five feet between the victim and the attacker. With Hutton's Edge, you don't need any space. If they are on you, you can easily end them. You don't have to be remotely capable of taking out your attacker by hand to be able to take them out with Hutton's Edge. Now you can have safety in close quarters. Now you can have safety when you are taken by surprise. Now is the time for you to get Hutton's Edge.

$575 !? (Black Powder)

Someone recently asked me “why would I pay $575 dollars for a knife that does essentially the same thing as a $40 knife?”. Why would you pay $500 for a pistol and spend extra money on magazines, holsters, etc., when you can buy a blackpowder pistol and tuck it in your waistband for a couple hundred bucks? Black powder firearms have killed hundreds of thousands of people. They obviously work. The difference is in the efficiency of use. The same applies to a knife. If you only want a knife as a tool for cutting various things, then there isn’t a whole lot of reason to choose a Hutton’s Edge knife over anything else. If you want an edge in utilizing a knife to save your life from a violent attacker, then the only sensible thing to do is have a Hutton’s Edge knife, and know how to use it. Yes, any knife will work. Also, a black powder firearm will work. How well they work when there is a toss up between which party will live, and which party will perish, is another matter. If life and death is the circumstance we are preparing for, then having something that works better is worth a fortune.

$575 !? (Hi-Point)

Why spend $575 for a knife when you can by a knife that cuts for so much less? Why have I never met a cop, or military man/woman, or other person who depends on their gun, carrying a Hi-Point? The Hi-Point cost so much less than a Glock, Springfield, Sig, etc. I presume agencies do not issue the cost saving Hi-Point firearms because of small advantages offered by a weapon that is meant to save a life are worth a few hundred dollars. A Hi-Point shoots the same bullets as a Glock, Kimber, or Springfield. The little differences in ergonomics and reliability are worth the several hundred dollar price difference. Even if you have a jam in a firearm, it can be cleared in just a couple seconds. A cop can be in a gunfight for minutes before backup arrives. Many law enforcement gunfights have lasted several minutes. Military personnel can often fight for hours. Is it really worth spending several hundred more dollars for a name brand sidearm? Yes. When it comes to matter of life and death, little differences in your fighting tool can be the difference between you living, or not. So if little differences are worth several hundred dollars if they give you an edge in surviving, why let a few hundred dollars stop you from getting a Hutton’s Edge knife? The only remaining question is whether Hutton’s Edge can offer you an advantage over a traditional knife. I would be happy to show you that we in fact do offer a great advantage to you in saving your life.

$575 !? (Precious Time)

Why do we spend several hundred dollars on red dot optics? Because when it counts, those optics can save a split second. A split second can make all the difference in the world when your very life is on the line. The same can be said for semi-automatic handguns or rifles. The precious small amounts of time saved in between rounds and in between reloads can be worth everything. The Hutton’s Edge knife and system can save you those seconds. Sure, you can stop someone with any knife. But if you have the Hutton’s Edge knife, and use it the Hutton’s Edge way, you can stop your attacker in less time. So you can decide if you would rather cheap out and have some other knife for $40, or get a knife and system that can save you a couple of the most valuable seconds you hope you never have to encounter.

Why Hutton’s Edge? Because of how quickly and easily it stops your attacker. Because you will be more likely to come home alive with Hutton’s Edge. For a true advantage of survival, any price is a good price. If you really examine the edge Hutton’s Edge will give you for surviving the unthinkable, the price tag is small.

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