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Hutton’s Edge training is entirely based on gross motor skills. This is because when our bodies are under the stress of being attacked, most of our blood rushes to our core. This leaves our extremities numb and uncoordinated. It is the same phenomenon of when we are really cold and our blood goes to our core. In these times it can be difficult to even tie our shoes. The Hutton's Edge system is designed to function just as well under such dire circumstances.

Hutton’s Edge training does not rely on speed to out maneuver your attacker. We rely on proper mechanics and leverage. The right maneuvers just work. From whatever angle someone is attacking you, it is easy to end them with the correct maneuvers. With Hutton's Edge, it is impossible for them to stay in your space and not be completely finished very quickly.

Hutton’s Edge offers an astounding amount of weapon retention. I have never seen any system that offers more ability to retain your weapon than this. Our weapon retention is based on leverage and mechanics that make taking your knife away from you more than an uphill battle for any assailant. We also offer a great degree of weapon retention for someone who is carrying a firearm and the Hutton's Edge knife. The sidearm retention we offer was designed for law enforcement personnel, but would apply to anyone carrying a sidearm in a similar manner.

With the Hutton's Edge way of edged weapon use, it is very unlikely to cut oneself. It is by far the safest way to use an edged weapon to defend oneself. It is often the case that people cut themselves with their own knife when bodies start interacting with each other. This is true in real life fights, and in full speed training. But like I said, it is very unlikely to cut yourself with Hutton's Edge. We do everything differently. While our purpose in doing everything differently was to make a more effective system, having a system that is safer for the user is pretty awesome.

If you are new to the idea of lethal defense, click here.

Look at the different angles you get when you make a simple one direction cut with a Hutton's Edge knife. My illustration isn't that great, but I think you can get the picture. The unique shape of a Hutton's Edge knife allows us to use a blade in ways that no one ever has. We have maneuvers no one has ever used before, because they wouldn’t work the same with other knives. Our maneuvers, combined with our knives, get a cut in about half a second, that would take 5-10 seconds with other knives.

You see the valley of the blade there? When someone tries to take or control a Hutton’s Edge knife (from a trained user) he ends up with his wrist in that valley. Presuming he didn’t put his hand directly on the blade. That is part of why it is so difficult for someone to take, or control, a Hutton's Edge knife. You really need to get the self defense edge that Hutton's Edge offers.


I was just talking with a law enforcement department’s Defensive Tactics Instructor who was pondering why no one has ever figured this out before. He was feeling kinda silly about not having realized that it is possible to use a blade this way until he realized the huge gap of difference in using a Hutton’s Edge knife and using any other knife. He was simultaneously bummed and happy that his $4,000 some odd dollars of tactical knives were suddenly only desirable as camping knives.

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