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NAU and the Hutton's Edge Knife
This page is to help people on the NAU campus to have better personal security. If you are on another campus, inquire with your campus Police Department as to whether you could carry a knife on your person, and what the limitations are.

NAU students are permitted by Arizona law, and NAU policy, to carry a knife (fixed or folding). Persons 21 or over may carry a fixed blade open or concealed. Persons 18 or over may carry a fixed blade openly, or a folder open or concealed.

Here is the excerpt directly from the NAU weapon policy page as of 5/01/15.

"Weapon Any object or substance designed to (or which would be reasonably expected to) inflict a wound, cause injury, incapacitate, or cause death, including, without limitation, all firearms (loaded and unloaded, simulated and real), devices designed to expel a projectile (such as BB guns, air guns, and pellet guns), electronic control devices (such as Tasers or stun guns), chemicals such as Mace, tear gas, or oleoresin capsicum, (This does not prohibit normally available over-the-counter, self-defense chemical repellents; the general public may not possess chemical repellents labeled "for police use only" or "for law enforcement use only."), swords, knives with blades five inches or longer, martial arts weapons, bows and arrows, and similar devices."

(Highlighted portion is done by me to show pertinant information.)

This has been confirm by officer J. Brady to be the school regulations to the best of his understanding, and that the Hutton's Edge knife would not be classified as a weapon due to it's 3.9" blade length.

Here is a link directly to the policy.

College students and faculty are often left defenseless against violent crime. Most campuses do not allow people to carry a firearm on campus. Pepper spray is completely ineffective on some people. That leaves people who are interested in self defense on campus to carry a knife(where permitted). While the presence and willingness to use a knife may be enough to stop some attackers, other attackers need to be physically stopped. In a serious life or death fight, most people barely (if at all) realize they have been shot or stabbed. Here is where we come in. We have a system that can completely stop even the most aggressive attacker. And this system is simple enough that almost anyone can learn it, and in very little time.

Female college students need to be particularly aware of the dangers of college life. While the percentage of women raped while attending college varies drastically in studies (between 0.1% and 19% depending on the study), we can all agree that any sexual assault is completely unacceptable. College campuses usually don’t allow people to carry a firearm to defend themselves against violent attacks. Anyone who looks into it can see that pepper spray is completely ineffective on some people. That leaves women stuck with having to be a better fighter than any attacker(s), unless they have a tool that gives them the advantage. We have a very effective tool that will give a serious edge (pun intended) to someone trying to survive a deadly attack. This option is a lethal defense option. It is highly effective in any trained hands, against almost any attacker(s).

I am not a lawyer, and am not offering legal advise. The opinions expressed here are meant only to serve as a launching pad for your own investigation and to consult with your attorney.

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