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Lethal Defense

Many people have mixed feelings about killing someone to defend their lives. Since The Hutton’s Edge System teaches stopping an attacker in a way which would end in the attackers death, I thought I would talk about the subject. Obviously it is a gruesome thought to think about ending someone’s life. Those who talk about it cavalierly are fooling themselves. I’ve seen many a grown man cry recollecting having been forced to kill to defend their lives. Every story that has been shared with me came from a place of there being only two options: kill or die. Still, to have to kill is a catastrophic thing. That being said, here is the way I think about it for myself:

I don’t get myself into egotistical pissing contest. I walk away from angered people rather than yelling at/with them. Still, there are large numbers of people who are attacked every day who were truly minding their own business, in places where normal people go (grocery store, gas station, car wash, etc.) If someone were to attack me in a manor that made me think my life was at risk, it forces me to make a decision of whether to die, or kill said attacker. The attacker is the person forcing me to make that decision. The attacker is the person who decided that death was the only option for the moment. If it is truly my death, or the attackers, I choose it to be the attackers. I choose to go home to my beautiful family. I hope my wife Deborah chooses the same. Even if I or my wife were to choose to altruistically die at the hands of an attacker, there is a great likelihood that we would not only be choosing our own death, but the death of the next person said psychopath would victimize. We would be leaving our loved ones in pain, and would be setting the killer loose to kill more. I don’t think that is loving or responsible. It is certainly a tough decision, but the loving and responsible thing is the allow the bringer of death(the attacker) to be the one who dies. This is a decision we should all make ahead of time, because trying to make a decision like that in the moment could allow the decision to be made for us (and made by a horrible person at that).

Carrying a Weapon

Carrying a weapon does not make a person "looking for trouble" anymore than wearing a seatbelt makes a person desiring to get into an auto accident. We have both just in case something horrible, that we do not desire, happens. If I was expecting to get into a car crash, I wouldn't drive that day. If I was expecting to be violently attacked, I wouldn't go wherever I was expecting the attack. Unfortunately, violent attacks occur in everyday places, to everyday people, who are just trying to go about their lives. These attacks can happen anywhere: the grocery store, the gas station, the mall, the car wash, parking lots, etc. It is because of these circumstances that it is a loving and responsible decision for a person to be prepared to defend themselves from a violent attacker.

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