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Individual Law Enforcement Officers

If you are an individual Law Enforcement Officer who would like to take the extra step to protect yourself when you are on duty so you can make it home to your loved ones, Hutton's Edge fills the biggest gap in Officer security. Don't depend on being a better fighter then the thugs you have to deal with. If it comes to life and death, have something that really tilts the odds in your favor like nothing before.

When you get a Hutton's Edge knife and Hutton's Edge training, you cover yourself better than with having any other knife on your person.
1st - You have gone out of your way to seek out a tool and training that is recognized by law enforcment agencies and has state POST credits in six states. Even if you department has no protocol for knife carry of use, going out of your way for proper training is only to your benefit.
2nd- In the event that you are unable to gain or maintain distance from a true deadly threat, nothing will stop your attacker(s) faster. The Hutton's Edge system offers a decisive,
instantaneous stop to the assault on your life.
3rd - If someone attempts to take your sidearm, Hutton's Edge offers a great degree of weapon retention.
4th - The Hutton's Edge system offers a surprising amount of verifiable conduct. That is, we can assertain by virtue of mechanics that your assailant(s) were attacking you, instead of you attacking them. This can be determined and demonstrated in court. We are ready and willing to come to court to testify on your behalf. Can you think of any other system that offers anything, anywhere close to that?

This system isn't cheap, but it is easily worth it. You probably won't ever need it, or your vest, but wouldn't you rather have the extra protection? And this isn't as hot or uncomfortable as your vest. I say that just to point out that saving a few hundred bucks is silly in comparison to actually being safer.

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This course has been determined to qualify for AZ POST continuing training credit.

Law Enforcement Departments

We are set up to train the DTI's in departments to train their departments. Contact me and together we can make the officers in your department safer. Hutton's Edge is entirely defensive in nature, and designed to be courtroom friendly. This entire system was originally designed with Law Enforcement in mind. Now cops can have real cop training by cops for cops for how to protect themselves with an edged weapon, because we all know that 21ft is not always an option. When a situation arises when an officer truly must to fight for his/her life, one is not always able to fight to create space to use a sidearm. Contact me and ask me more.

The Hutton’s Edge system offers a surprising amount of verifiable conduct. Because the Hutton’s Edge knife and manner of use are so unique, there is a large amount of ability to tell what the officer and the suspect were doing at the time the officer was attacked. I am ready to come to court as a SME, and so is the inventor of the system Pat Hutton. Pat Hutton has extensive materials ready for court so as to demonstrate by virtue of mechanics what the officer and the suspect were doing with their bodies in relation to each other. This system is entirely defensive in nature and can easily been shown to be defensive in court. That means if an officer in your department has to use Hutton’s Edge for defense, there will be a good amount of backing to show that it was, in fact, defense. This is a huge advantage over other self defense systems.

With Hutton’s Edge, an officer can have more leeway to use less lethal options. While Hutton’s Edge is a lethal force option, it is a zero distance option. This allows an officer to utilize something less lethal (like a taser) while know that stopping the attacker at zero distance is still an option.

Hutton's Edge allows officers to have a more clear head when dealing with a potentially dangerous person. Law Enforcement Officers know that if a person breaches their defensive perimeter (21ft rule), a sidearm is a considerably less and less of a viable option to stop an attacker. So when a person seems like a real threat, officers get nervous. An officer is more likely to shoot a suspect if they know that once that suspect breaches his/her defensive perimeter, they are stuck without having real tools to stop the suspect. When an officer is equipped with a strong, solid way to defend him/herself, there is the ability to have a clear head which isn't clouded with fear. We would like to think that all officers are fearless, but all officers are people. It's time we give officers the edge they need when dealing with a dangerous person in close quarters.

Any time an officer is forced to defend themselves with a sidearm, there is an element of danger to the general public. It is impossible for officers to hit the assailant every time. The national average is somewhere around 20% hit ratio for law enforcement. This doesn't mean officers shouldn't fire their sidearms to defend themselves. Stopping the assailant is a must. Sidearms are a necessity. Still, anytime an officer defends him/her self with an edged weapon instead of a sidearm, an element of public danger is lessoned. Departments which allow officers the ability to have an edged weapon for defense should be commended, both for keeping the public safer, and the officer.

I have heard a couple experts note that if the department knows about an officer carrying a knife (or any tool), it is effectively authorized by the department (whether formally authorized or not). Unless the knife is something like an old timer pocket knife, any lawyer, judge, or jury can plainly tell it is a back up weapon. Most of the knives being carried by officers are plainly designed as back up weapons, and are marketed as such. With that, we effectively have the department authorizing backup weapons with no training requirements. I’m no lawyer, but I can see the murkiness of those waters. We offer a tool and training that is recognized by POST or equivalent in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Arizona, and New Mexico. Texas has a way officers can get continuing training credits with this system, and Kansas has a couple departments that have adopted this system as well. Here in Arizona, this course has been determined to qualify for AZ POST continuing training credit. This system is designed specifically for law enforcement. Having a tool and training that already has as much law enforcement recognition as this does, could only serve to lesson a department’s liability. Ask your department’s legal advisor to look into it. Then, get Hutton’s Edge. It will plainly give your officer’s an edge when it comes to surviving, and it will give your department an edge when it comes to basic C.Y.A.

This is also an excellent rescue tool. The glass breaker is top notch and requires very little force to work. The way the tool is used to cut a seatbelt minimizes risk of the auto accident victim being cut.


Our military men and women always have, and probably always will, have unfortunate circumstances when the enemy is suddenly closer than minimum distance for rifle fire (i.e. "inside your muzzle", or breathing on you). History is full of military personnel who have relied on a knife to dispatch the enemy at this distance. History is full of people of have done this both successfully, and unsuccessfully. Hutton’s Edge has developed a unique blade, and an amazingly effective means of using said blade to quickly dispatch the enemy. This unique system is based on gross motor skills, and is highly effective. If an enemy combatant ends up too close for your firearm, have the tool and training to stay alive. Have Hutton’s Edge.

Sure, you could take any knife with you into battle. Yes, any knife will work. You could also take a musket with you into battle. Yes, a musket will work. The question you must ask your self is whether you want something that will work, or something that will work better. Something that will stop the enemy faster. Hutton’s Edge is more effective than most systems, as effective as any system, and I think the most well rounded in efficacy overall. Every system has is strengths and weaknesses. I believe that when taking into account the strengths and weakness of any system, Hutton’s Edge emerges as the way to default to, for stopping an enemy combatant who is attacking you from inside your own space.

For our military men and women who put themselves in harms way to fight for our freedom, I would like to assist you with your close quarter safety. Sometimes the threat ends up deep inside our personal space where it is no longer shooting space, but hand to hand. In that space, Hutton's Edge thrives. With our easy deployment and quick dispatching of the enemy, nothing will keep you safe like Hutton's Edge when they are so close you can smell their breath.

Active Duty Law Enforcement and Military will receive a 10% discount on training. My shopping cart cannot apply a 10% discount, so to recieve the discount you need to call or be in person.

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