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Extreme Close Quarter Defense
When Violence Strikes, in Extremely Close Quarters

Extreme Close Quarter Defense offers Hutton's Edge training and Hutton's Edge products.

Hutton's Edge is about the training, and how the Hutton's Edge knife is used. The unique design of the knife is inherent to it’s use. It is simple, safe, and effective.

Hutton’s Edge is for individual law enforcement officers, as well as departments. We have a train the trainer program to teach departments’ DTI’s to train the officers in their department.

Hutton’s Edge is also for honest citizens. It is for young, old, male, female, strong, and weak. It is a surprisingly simple means of truly stopping an attacker in extremely close quarters. It is tremendously effective. If you are Special Forces, or you fell like a smurf who couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag, this system is the method you want to be your default way to stop an attacker who is already deep inside your space.

This web site is extremely wordy. I see no way around it. Please take time to sit back and read about why this unique knife and system deserves a place in your life.

While Hutton’s Edge is well underway at establishing itself, Extreme Close Quarter Defense (Representative and Distributor for Hutton’s Edge) is just getting started. So, there are a number of specials to get the ball rolling here in Arizona. Check out the Specials here. Now is a great time to get the best close quarter defense available, for a discounted price!

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My name is Eric Wuggin, owner and operator of Extreme Close Quarter Defense. I am the Contract Regional Director for Hutton’s Edge in Arizona. I am also the furthest West representative for Hutton’s Edge. I was personally trained by Pat Hutton to teach his system of self defense. I hope to empower more people from all walks of life to have the protection from a deadly attack that the Hutton's Edge knife and system offer.

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