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Fixed Blade with custom Kydex sheath $575

Hutton's Edge knives are made by Hand Tech Made Knives in Texas. Every knife has a Lifetime Warranty by Hand Tech Made Knives. Blade length on the Model 1 Police Knife is 3.9 inches. Overall length is 8.6". The knives are one giant piece of S30-V Crucible Steel. It is a more dense steel that is expensive and harder to work with, but worth it when it comes to making a true life saving tool you can always rely on. The grips are linen-micarta. The coating is Black TB-30 Diamond-like Coating. They have a top quality glass breaker which makes braking tempered glass a breeze. The sheaths are a custom made Kydex sheath with a Tec-Lok for belt attachment. The sheaths have amazing retention on them without the need, or shackles, of a thumb strap. The knives and the sheaths require a large amount of hand work, and thus demand a price that is much more than outsourced manufactured knives. This unique knife is well worth it.

The shape of the Hutton’s Edge knife is not likely to make much sense to you until you know how to use it. The shape is very thought out and has been slowly refined to give the ultimate performance. It is not designed to be the optimum camp tool, it is designed to stop an attacker hard and fast when used in the specific manner of it’s design. It fits almost every size hand.

Hutton’s Edge has just come out with a dual retention sheath! It has the amazing retention of the regular sheath, but with a mechanical lock in addition. It is being introduced for the same price as the regular fixed blade knife w/sheath. Pre-order one today!

Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase, and a U.S. resident. You are responsible for compliance with any state, local, or federal laws.

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