1st Edition Folder $650 $575

folderblacksemi foldergreenopen folderbrownclosedcase folderorangeclosed foldergreensemiclip folderpinkclosed folderblacksilverclosed

The folding knives have the same S30-V Crucible Steel blades as the fixed blade knives. Blade length is 3.6 inches according to AKTI specifications. The handles are titanium with a linen-micarta wrap. The locks are frame lock style for maximum strength. As a downside of the frame lock, they are not as fast and smooth of openers as many folders. The folders contain the glass breaker as well. These are limited, 1st edition knives. I have a batch of them, but when they are gone we will have to wait for the new style, which will be thicker and heavier. The clips can move to the other side for right or left hand use. Call to inquire about color.

Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase, and a U.S. resident. You are responsible for compliance with any state, local, or federal laws.

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