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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Hutton's Edge system work with other knives?

This system is designed to work specifically with the Hutton's Edge patented knife shape.

What makes the Hutton's Edge system different from other knife fighting systems?

The Hutton’s Edge system isn’t training for a knife on knife standoff. Those are almost non-existent in the U.S. The Hutton’s Edge system teaches how to quickly stop a violent attacker who is already deep inside your space attacking you. This applies regardless of what weapon an attacker is, or is not, using. We teach how to use the Hutton’s Edge knife to stop the attacker hard and fast. The best way to stop the attack, is to stop the attacker.

Is the short class you teach really enough time to learn a lifesaving skill?

Yes! The simplicity of the system is the genius of the system. Teaching lifesaving skills over extended periods of time is easy. The Hutton’s Edge system is as good as any of them, and easily better than most of them, but learnable in a minuscule fraction of the time. The simplicity also makes the system a better option when everything is going wrong. When you are losing the fight and and would otherwise lose your life, your A game is often inaccessible. Hutton’s Edge was made for such a time.

Does the Hutton's Edge system assist with sidearm retention?

Yes! Very well. The Hutton's Edge system will put an end to someone trying to procure and officers sidearm very quickly. The same is true for someone trying to take a sidearm from an ordinary citizen, etc.

Is the Hutton's Edge class and system friendly to women?

Very much so. My wife Deborah is not natural or comfortable with aggression. She learned the Hutton's Edge system very easily. We do everything slowly so that we can learn the correct movements. No one needs to walk out of class with a bruise. This system uses mechanics and leverage to get the job done. That means you don't even have to be in the same league of strength and speed as your attacker to be able to properly apply the Hutton's Edge System and completely stop any attacker. Click here

What about sharpening Hutton's Edge knives?

Hutton's Edge knives are so hard that you pretty much need to use ceramic to sharpen them. With those curves it would be a gruesome undertaking. Send them back to Hand Tech Made Knives in Texas with $20, and they will sharpen your knife and send it back to you. That's much easier.

Why do Hutton's Edge knives cost so much?

Hutton's Edge knives cost what they do for multiple reasons. They are made in Texas instead of China. Each knife requires a lot of actual hand work, as do the sheaths. The steel is a high end steel that cost a lot more as well. Even the glue has a crazy expensive price tag. Everything about our knives is done to the highest possible standard that we could find. This is because a Hutton's Edge knife is a true life saving tool, so we wanted it made to the highest standards.

Do you do private training?

Yes. I'm happy to give private courses to individuals or groups. I also can do training in private locations. This service will cost a little extra, but won't be cost prohibitive.

Where do you do your training?

Extreme Close Quarter Defense offers training primarily in Arizona. Located in Flagstaff, travel to the Phoenix area is a reasonable effort for training Law Enforcement Departments and medium size groups. Small groups and individuals need to come to Flagstaff for training.

Do you give group discounts?

Yes. The discount varies with group size, location, etc.

Is this system combat proven?

Yes, this system has been combat proven a number of times. Predominantly by contract operators. Those who have contacted Hutton’s Edge to give their AAR have been overwhelmingly appreciative and couldn’t sing enough praises of the Hutton’s Edge system.

How do you measure your blade lengths?

We measure to AKTI specifications. (Tip to handle)

What do I need for class?

You just need comfortable clothes. It wouldn't hurt to have a sturdy belt, but it isn't needed. Feel free to wear your duty belt if you want to see how to operate with it on. I supply the training knives. Other training prerequisites are located here.


The unique training/manner of use that we teach for using the Hutton’s Edge knife will greatly increase your personal security in physical contact range attacks. If you don’t feel completely satisfied with what you learn about using your Hutton’s Edge knife to defend yourself against such close quarter attacks, your training will be refunded to you in full. It’s that simple. Either you realize the great benefit of how we teach you to use your Hutton’s Edge knife, or you get your money back.

Return Policy

The knives are covered under Hand Tech Made's Lifetime Warranty. All knives sold are non-refundable. If you are uncertain as to whether they will physically work for you, you can purchase the knife, but not take possession of it until after the class. If at that time we realize it will not work for you, I will refund you the money.

Privacy Policy

Extreme Close Quarter Defense does not keep any of your information on our website. We only use what is necessary for credit card purchases, which is only used by the gateway.

Shipping Policy

We ship via UPS ground with signature required. You can also opt to pick up your knife at class to save on shipping. We do not sell or ship outside the U.S.

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